We promise the best quality and highest enjoyment.

Our principles

Best quality is our claim

To guarantee continuous top quality, Storz constantly places the highest demands on itself. These start with the selection of the raw materials and are tracked throughout the entire production and distribution process. The regular IFS and BRC certifications at the highest level confirm the high Storz quality standard.

In addition to high quality as a generic term for particularly fine products, Storz quality also stands for the highest possible level of food safety in the product, production, social action, environmental orientation and legal compliance.

In our production, tradition meets modernity

State-of-the-art machines are used for gentle manufacturing processes to preserve valuable ingredients and aromas. The entire production comes without the addition of flavor enhancers, alienating fillings, unnecessary sweetness or alcohol additives and preservatives. Exemplary hygiene and quality conditions, continuous sensory control and regular testing by independent experts are a matter of course for Storz. At the same time, the recipes and expertise used at Storz have traditionally been handed down from generation to generation. This is how Storz produces contemporary chocolate and nougat with a pure and unadulterated taste.

Recipe data

In the following downloads you will find all relevant data for our recipes in accordance with the food information regulation 1169/2011 (LMIV).

Full milk chocolate

Our fine milk chocolate impresses with its high content of fine cocoa from Ecuador and fine-melting cocoa butter. The recipe meets the legal requirements for the name „Edelvollmilch“ (quality full milk) chocolate. And we do not use any so-called foreign fats. The taste creates a perfect harmony between the aromatic cocoa note and the creamy full milk aroma. Characteristic are her delicate enamel and the pleasantly bright color.

Organic full milk ("Bio") chocolate

We also offer a delicious organic alternative to our full milk chocolate.

60% cocoa dark chocolate

Für Liebhaber des herben Chocoladenaromas bieten wir 60% „puren Kakaogeschmack“. Neben der dezenten Süße bietet diese Schokolade einen sehr kräftigen und facettenreichen Kakaogenuss. So entsteht ein fein-herber Geschmack ohne Milch und ohne Kompromisse, aber nicht zu bitter.


Finest nougat creation according to our traditional recipe from own production with 33% hazelnut content.
Hazelnut kernels imported directly from the producer country are roasted in our house and immediately processed as a guarantor of full flavor. We only use natural ingredients such as pure cocoa butter. Another special feature is that the nougat mass is conched in a chocolate concoction at Storz, which means it is as elaborately processed as chocolate, giving this premium product a wonderfully creamy and fine taste.

Nougat Double Praliné

Noble nougat combination of dark nougat and light cream nougat. The hazelnuts imported directly from the producer country are roasted at Storz, ground to a fine nutmeg and immediately further processed to preserve the full aroma. The dark nougat has a natural cocoa and nut note (see also under „Nougat“). The creamy nougat combines the full aroma of the nut with the creamy character of the cream. By conching the mass becomes wonderfully creamy and delicate.

Nougat with splintered almonds

A recipe that leaves nothing to be desired: Fine-melting nougat with 33% hazelnut content. For the fullest aroma, the hazelnuts imported directly from the producer country are roasted and processed immediately. The taste experience is perfected by finely chopped, crispy roasted almonds.

Nougat praliné wintercrunch

The perfect mix out of winter nougat praliné and crunch!

Cream Nougat Praliné

Creamy and delicious chocolate – the sole white part of our Double Praliné!


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