Chocolate in the summer ? !

Tips for optimum storage by the chocolate specialist Storz

For many it is the “tenderest temptation”, hardly anyone likes to resist it – we are talking about the “queen of sweets”, the chocolate. But many chocolate lovers tend, when summer temperatures threaten, to end the sweet treat. What to do to preserve the sweet candy possibly pleasant and friendly even in the summer months? Chocolate specialist Storz gives tips here. For optimal storage of chocolate, there are several factors to consider:

– Do not store chocolate in damp rooms! Chocolate does not like air humidity over 70%.

– Ideal temperature for chocolate is between 16 and 20 degrees Celsius. It is hotter, crystallizes the fat of the chocolate and it loses the shine and gets mottled white spots.

– High levels of light and air in chocolate cause an oxidation process that can lead to significant loss of taste. To prevent this, keep the chocolate in its original packaging.

– Chocolate is odor-sensitive. Opened foods or other products that have a strong personal benefit cannot be stored in the immediate vicinity of chocolate. Chocolate does not belong in the fridge as the prevailing odors quickly attack the aroma of the chocolate and it loses taste and quality.

As a result, chocolate lovers have only two options for optimal enjoyment: Either storing chocolate in a cold place like the cold cellar or enjoy the sweet delicacy as quickly as possible.

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