Storz quality guidelines

1. Quality as the main goal

The high and unrestricted quality of our products and services is a corporate-policy goal of highest priority as it is a requirement for the long lasting existence of our company.

2. Quality of products

Quality comprises immaculate products, which means:

  • optimal implementation of given recipes and codes of practice
  • prevention of any type of production fault (deterioration, foreign bodies, deformation, amongst others)
  • filling capacity and packaging as per requirements
  • clean, aesthetical and technically immaculate packaging with lawful declaration
  • diligent consignment as per order
  • friendly and flexible customer service

Consequently, the concept of quality includes security and legal conformity of products.

3. Quality of production

Quality requires immaculate production processes and hygiene:

  • optimal quality and hygiene of premises and machinery
  • optimal hygiene of operations
  • clearly defined quality elements of production and its ongoing control.

4. Social quality

Quality indirectly requires a good work climate, an open communication and best possible security for employees. This comprises the commitment to improving conditions for cultivating resources, especially in terms of cocoa.

5. Quality and environment

Quality requires environmentally sustainable products, services and disposal as well as the commitment to sustainable cultivation and production of resources respectively.

6. Lawful quality

Quality requires absolute compliance with all legal and governmental requirements and conditions.

7. Quality is ever present

We have to be aware of these qualities during all activities which means we have to know, understand and follow them and possibly measure and document them.

8. Control quality issues – everyone’s task

Possible quality issues have to be prevented or minimized in their consequences by immediately announcing, documenting and possibly controlling them. Every single employee creates quality and is responsible for the prevention, reduction and announcement of quality issues respectively.

9. Organizational integration of quality

Quality requires a clearly defined organizational structure, a quality policy covering all quality-related areas and a sufficient transparency of its accountability.

10. Quality needs to reach the customer

Quality is what leaves a positive impression with customers and eliminates reasons for complaints – products have to reach customers just the way they can expect them.

Here you can find our certifications:

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