Company history Storz Chocolate: four generations

The company Chr. Storz has been registered on 10th May 1884 with the commercial registry by the local court in Tuttlingen. Founder and owner of the company was confectioner Christian Storz. A confectionary shop in Möhringer Straße 11 in Tuttlingen became the start of the production. At first the products included gingerbread, macaroons, biscuits, sponge cake and fruitcake. Already before 1900, chocolate mass has been purchased to produce the first chocolate bars which were manually wrapped in colorful labels. Around the turn of the century the motif of the fearsome Santa Claus emerged which shows how much the design has changed within 100 years. The “angel girls” who appeared around the same time, the seemingly nostalgic “Krachnuss” (crunchy nut) chocolate with the squirrel or the seemingly classy bars like almond milk nut, bitter cream and cream remained unforgettable. An exhibition at the Storz headquarters shows countless products from 125 years of company history.

Due to the success of the business the neighboring building was bought in 1911 and the company expanded. In 1911, Christian’s son Hugo Storz joined his father’s company. In 1914, the development was disrupted by World War I and only by 1920 the production of chocolate continued. Since then it is produced from raw cocoa beans. In 1936, a new building was constructed equipped with modern manufacturing plants. In 1938, the name Storz became a registered trade mark. In 1939, another production stop occurred due to World War ll. until 1946.

In 1950, Dr. Heinrich Schinle joined the company and managed the company for over 40 years together with his wife Sigrid, née Storz. In 1957, Storz already introduced the first solid figurines like the still available traffic signs, VW busses and praline dice. In 1972, first steps were made towards the relocation of the company to today’s production site in Föhrenstraße, Tuttlingen. Since then the premises expanded several times.

Since 1990, the company is run by today’s owner Dr. Markus Schinle, great-grandson of the founder, making it a fourth generation family run business. During the 1990s the share of self-service goods increased steadily and the company moved from supplying solely specialized shops to additionally supplying food retailers, wholesalers, large-scale consumers, drugstores, mail orders, traders of promotional items, amongst others. Storz continuously evolved into the market leader for solid chocolate figurines. However, trade with premium-quality praline specialties is traditionally strong as well.

The company is especially proud of the generations of employees who are mainly responsible for the long lasting success through their great commitment and extremely low turnover. Storz is traditionally a typical female business with around 90 % of employees being women.

Outlook: premium in pleasure, design and trust

The continuous growth over the past few years can ultimately be ascribed to the ever updated Storz motifs and packaging models which continuously implement trending topics and novel ideas. This tendency has been increased by a specific quality and product safety initiative, especially in the context of the first TÜV (German technical inspection authority) inspected chocolate. Today, Storz has four different certification standards, all at the highest level. Another successful method is the exclusive use of natural ingredients in all Storz products: last, Vanillin has been replaced by natural Bourbon vanilla. For many years the used chocolates have been milk chocolates of finest premium-quality.

The different distribution channels developed continuously positive over the last few years. Brigitte Schott, the export manager, supplies our partners in over 40 countries worldwide, i.e. in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Brazil, Russia, Israel, Hong Kong and all major European markets. The main seasonal highlights are Christmas and Easter besides other important occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, first day of school, Halloween as well as the annual business.

The management consists of the managing director Dr. Schinle and the operations manager and authorized officer Petra Mayer. Rainer Heinzelmann manages the sales department. “Our management comprises a dozen highly motivated specialists who are passionate about ideas made from chocolate”. Further: “We look towards the next decades in which we want to make many people happy with our ideas made from chocolate”. Storz wants to remain the “most creative interpretation of chocolate”.

Ideas made of chocolate
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